About Me


I am Dexie, and it’s really nice to meet you.

I am a Web DevDesigner, the best way to describe my skill set and what I do for a living.

I always get fascinated with arts, colours, animations and most about computers.

I quit my corporate job to be more of control of my schedule and be able to do what I wish to do and now I am free as a bird, I was impulsive when I decided to take leap and risk everything after all I got no regrets. Everything has been amazing and Traveling whenever I want is the prize.
When I’m not at work, I do many things in life just to keep myself occupied, because I am bored of being bored, and being bored is boring.

I am a definite risk taker. I do believed that Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.

I often hold that thought, life is too short not to enjoy right? I find happiness exploring to differences places, tasting different cuisine, savour every food and understanding one’s culture, adjust to other people’s personalities, blend in, laugh with them and do stupid shits with them.

Nobody can discover the world for somebody else, so these feet needs to get moving.

I am so much in love with anything that comes with water. I love the Beach, the Ocean, the Falls, water makes me less tense, just float around, be calm, relax then think anything random, stress less and feel more.

Why Am I Doing This?

It all began when I learned to use computer, I don’t own one back then and only went to Internet Cafe and surf and see what it is in the internet world. Engaged to different social media, friendster was still alive during that time, I’ve seen people with their own website and drew irresistibly my attention to wanting to have just like it. Kawaii blogging was very popular and link chains/exchange.

Though I like all this that much, I’m always just good at starting it and never finished. I have done a lot of my personal blog, from ucoz to blogspot to tumblr to wordpress, all of them ended up as a trash.

But not just that, its also a challenge for me reading and communicating, my English is not that well, my vocabulary is not that wide, I am not that creative to share things using the world’s first language, and it’s always my drawback.

I am always venturesome since I was a kid, I play cooking stuff using real gas, and during highschool I tend to skipped classes, and when I graduated to highschool at 16 yrs old, I have tried hitch hiking with friends with all of us has no money. Until then, being unafraid continued upto now.

When I go travel I just enjoy everything and didn’t mind whoever would know I am there, just being carefree though.
As I continued my life, working and side trips, it came across to my mind why not again start and really try make it work, and that is why I am here now, this is not really for people to notice this, but for myself satisfaction, and also I would have documentary of all the place I’ve been, just for one thing NOT TO FORGET IT.

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