Everywhere in Bali is Paradise

Bali is known primarily for their white sand beaches, it is really breathtaking how gifted this country is with a lot of beaches and a great waves. As for me who is a total addict for ocean I could not bare not to see every beach this town has to offer.

As soon as I got out from the Airport, I went straight ahead to Kuta beach carrying still my backpack, am I crazy? I believed so, you know sometimes you feel so excited to see the beach after a long boring flight.

Kuta Beach

The beach is not that extravagant in my own opinion, tho its a white sand which is fascinating to me, but its not powdery as I was imagining, but the place is awesome a lot of people to see, many surfers, vendors on the shore who sells bintang and food, am I liking it? Two ways actually, its nice to see a lot of tourist, but its a lil bit annoying when its too crowded. Kuta beach is also known as the beach for beginner surfers, wave is not that big compared to the other surfing spot in Bali. If you wish to learn surfing, go here, surfing instructor is just around hanging out.

When its almost sun down, vendors started to arrange their beach chairs on the shore, wait and watch the beautiful sun to set.





Seminyak Beach

Oh God, how I wished I spent more time in Seminyak. I visited there in daylight, its actually my favorite beach in Bali, I just love the sand for its soft and powdery sand and is very soothing to my feet, its really surprising anyhow because these 3 beaches, Kuta, Seminyak and Canggu is just in the same shore line, in that sense it intrigues me why they have diff kind of sands.
I was not able to see the view in an early day because I went to Seminyak when the sun was down already, not so much to say.

Canggu Beach

Used to play with the waves in all the beaches I went to, but in Canggu beach waves are damn crazy, I really don’t understand how the wind blows to west while the waves drags you to the east, c’mon?

There is also an awesome beach bar where I had my dinner at 707 Beachbern, they have what you need, food, drinks, their alcoholic drinks are really strong which is good deal for me. There are comfortable bean bag seats for you to chill out while listening and grooving with their music.


So glad was able to catch the sunset.



Notice the crazy direction of the waves

Balangan Beach

Oh my paradise, what could be better! You have no idea how I felt seeing this stunning beach, I was welcomed with the turquoise blue water view. It is most visited by surfers from all over the world, a playground for pro surfer I should say.

At the left side of the beach there is a rocky cliff, you could go up there but I believed its now a private property, and hell you should not dare to jump, surely you’ll die, wounded by the corals down the water, specially the waves are very strong.

Tend to go in the middle of the water and play with the waves, but unfortunately didn’t make it far enough, the waves are really really strong, it could be okay if beneath is just sand but it was not, underwater are corals and sharp stones, you have no idea how many splinters I got because of that.





Pandawa Beach

Quiet, clean and beautiful, a very well maintained beach. When I was there most people I’ve seen are locals having their family get away, teaching their kids to swim. But this beach is quite famous as I have known because its hidden behind large limestone cliffs, its terrain and manmade limestone feature serves as a mesmerizing natural landscape, they also have ancient religious structures and multiple cultural activities.

Think that Pandawa beach has the bluest and clearest water I’ve seen in bali, I could see my feet playing with the sand, water is also strange, because everywhere I go the temperature changes, like one side its hot and the other side is cold, I know its not a pee, not mine and not others, because I was away from other people.



Nusa Dua Beach

We hurried so we could still catch the water blows, I didn’t get it at first what is that, and I was thinking was is so interesting about that?

As we entered the area, surprisingly there was a very long wide beach, kept wonderfully clean and the water was lovely to swim in but too bad it was low tide. The area is cozy, there are cozy beach fron resorts, bars and local restaurants close by. Most tourist loves this beach in the sense of more privacy.

As we continued walking there is also like a very wide park, some people are playing badminton and some do jog. In the left corner there are trees that seem contorted and bent in a weird way but still looks beautiful.

Then we reached the entranced of the water blows. I was not able to witness its big big splash as what I have seen in youtube and other pictures, but the water still look attractive and don’t hope you can dive and swim there. When tide is high big waves slams the cliff, pressure rises and blow up, that is why they call it water blows.






When I go back to bali I would go to other beaches I failed visit, like Jimbaran, Padang-Padang, Uluwato, more more and more.

How about you? Which beaches you love the most?

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