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Majestic Waterfalls in Iligan City

Iligan City is known as the city of Majestic Waterfalls, it has 23 waterfalls around vicinity, some are easy to visit and some requires adventure quest and there is even a waterfall that needs 2 days trekking.

I had to 2 days to sojourn the city, and on the first day, we visited the so-called Tourism Triangle which includes, Maria Christina Falls, Tinago Falls and Mimbalot Falls, all these 3 are just nearby and easy to go to

Maria Christina Falls

As my journey began, went first to the most famous waterfall which happens to be the source of electricity in Mindanao, it is also considered as the Mother of all Waterfalls in Iligan City, and is located in NPC Nature Park. Due to its powerfull water flow, people are not allowed to swim around it, that being said some things are only meant for you eyes, none the less, the park also offer obervation deck for you to fully observe how beautiful this waterfall is.

Maria Christina Falls is also known as the Twin falls, there is a large rock that divides the water into two that makes the falls look like two different waterfall, if you also want to witness its grandest I suggest you to visit there during Sunday, you will not see it being split but instead you will see how much power it has.

Tinago Falls

Its a hidden waterfall, if you want to see it, you need to have big vision and take stride to get through those 436 steps. Just imagine how tiring that is, but all worth the hard work.

Tinago Falls is what I considered to be my favorite waterfall in Iligan City, because I was able to swim and had fun on its very cold swimming pool. There is also a raft that will take you very close to the falls and have a free massage if you want to, there is also cottages for you to chill and other swimming gears to rent out.

Mimbalot Waterfall

Mimbalot is very attractive due to its cascading water and visible large rocks, in every stages down a steep rocky slope it forms mini waterfall pouring downward.

It’s very inviting to swim but its also dangerous to do so because of the strong force of water that might lead to the rocks.

This falls is open to public yet it is already developed, it has cottages and benches which is good for fun family and friends outing.

On the second day, we headed to Barangay Dalipuga, to visit more waterfalls, it is about 13km from city proper. In this area there are other 3 waterfalls that is very close to each other and more mini falls that is unnamed.

The waterfalls are inside the jungle, coconuts was all over the place and you would see how greener the grasses are underneath those coconut trees. We had like 15-20 mins trek before we reach the first waterfall.

Dalipuga Waterfall

It is not really that big and is a typical waterfall you see in a jungle with lots of fallen leaves, but its pool is very clear and very cold. It may not be that clean but it was really awesome to swim around, we were so excited and spent time taking pictures too. It is not that deep, but it is okay to jump of from the top, so you can play around over and over again.

The area is very open, but not directly hit with the sun, so if you are not in a hurry it pretty cool to chill out, soak yourself in the cold water, have some drinks and laugh out with your friends.

Pampam Waterfall

Pampam Waterfalls in Iligan City
In not so far away you will then see the Pampam fall and the feeling is more likely as with the Dalipuga falls. It also has a rushing sound over the rocks going down into the clear pool.

It is as well not deep, there is also a large rock in the middle left in where you can sit down, observe the flowing water, look around the covering trees and listen to the sound of nature.

Kalubihon Waterfalls

And the last but not the least is the Kalubihon Waterfall which is inside the cave. I actually was not able to the falls myself, because I got so amazed by the cold aquarium-blue swimming pool that finally I could swim and swim and swim. There is a flow of water in the rock behind me but I believed the falls stood inside when you climb up from the rock.

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