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That place called Sagada is located at the north of Manila that is approximately 12-15 hours travel, passing Baguio City and is before Bontoc. It’s a small town with lot of activities to be done. The place called Sagada goes viral after the “That Thing Called Tadhana” movie a Filipino romantic comedy film.

Sagada is known for its historical sites and activities such as trekking, spelunking, waterfalls hiking, bonfires, food trip, participating in tribal celebration and the place in the Philippines where you can see your breath due to coldness.

Spelunking in Sumaguing and Lumiang Caves

It’s always been a part of the bucket list of many adventurer to conquer the deepest cave and one of the ultimate spelunking destination in the Philippines, and the Sagada experience wont be complete if not tried. This interconnected caves roughly takes you 3-4 hours of spelunking. Sumaguing Cave is known as the “Big Cave”, from its mouth going deep is actually 163 meters, reaching the deepest chamber of Sumaguing Cave you will see a lot of amazing rock formation. Lumiang cave on the other hand is known as the “Small Cave” usally the entrace of the cave connection, upon entering you will see the stacked coffins and some skulls and bones, this used to be the burying place of Igorots.



Nature Hike to Bomod-ok Falls

In Barangay Fidelisan is where the Bomod-ok falls located, the most visited attraction. You need to hike down for about an one and half hour before you can see the majestic cascading of water falling from a height of 200-feet. The trail was easy just decend into a couple of steep staircases, you can go there without a guide you might want to, if you reach the village you are half way through. If you are lucky and the weather is good you could swim and dip at the very cold fresh water pool.

Foods in Sagada

Since that places called Sagada is very popular now, locals there put up a lot of restaurants, just along the Municipal Hall. These restaurants have their own treat, though some of them are kinda pricey its still worth it to try and must not miss to taste if you are there.

My favorite is the Sagada Brew, a great place for all dinner, its located at the end of the road, its kinda a long walk from the hall, but the hike is nothing because you will surely have and a very delicious dish and would keep you from coming back.
Another one to mention is the Yoghurt House, its a cozy restaurant where you could experience the language of food in Sagada, though I personally dislike their twist of the yoghurt, I still had a great meal with my breakfast because their food were delish together with the best selling hot chocolate mint.

Sagada Itinerary

Friday 11:30 PM 30 mins Preparation
Saturday 1:00 AM 4 to 6 hrs Manila to Baguio
– Cubao bus terminal (Victory, Dagupan, or Genesis)
– Regular bus: 6 hrs
– Deluxe bus: 4 hrs
6:00 AM 6 hrs Baguio to Sagada
– 2 stops for toilet and food
12:00 PM Check-in at Sagada
1:00 PM Lunch at Sagada
2:00 PM 3 hrs First Activity: Cave Connection
7:00 PM Dinner
Sunday 5:00 AM Breakfast
6:00 AM Second Activity: Trek to Bomod-ok Falls
Sunday 5:30 AM 1 hr Breakfast
6:30 AM 30 mins
7:00 AM 1 hr Trek to Bomod-ok Falls
8:00 AM 30 mins to 1 hr Stay at Bomod-ok Falls
9:00 AM 1 hr Back to entry point
9:30 AM 30 mins Back to Hotel
10:00 AM 30 mins Preparation for next travel
10:30 AM 45 mins (1 hr) Jeep to Bontoc
11:30 AM 2.5 hrs Van to Banaue
2:00 PM 30 mins Lunch at Banaue
2:30 PM 4.5 hrs Trek to Tappiya Falls
– 4 hrs trek
– 30 mins stay at the falls
7:00 PM Dinner
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