Things I Wish I knew and followed

On my first backpacking trip I went to 3 countries, Singapore, Bali in Indonesia and Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia.

This is my first time to travel alone outside the country in order for me not to stumble I planned out everything from air tickets, hostels to stay and things to do, I was so excited I even planned ahead of time all the things I’m bringing put them in my backpack and check them every now and then if I’m missing something. That excited right?

I am sharing to you guys some points that you must not do on your first backpacking travel, please avoid the same mistakes I did.

Just pack light, bring what is necessary

I heard this many times yet never listened. I don’t really know the meaning of traveling light and cannot see what is enough, if bringing my closest is just easy I would have done that. What is good in bringing a lot of clothes is you will be able to wear different clothing in different location that will be captured by your camera, if you think about it, its really awesome. Practically saying that does not matter at all, I have learned that you will not use every one of them and I realized I brought some clothes that is not that appropriate, so its just useless.

Wash and wear as many people say. Know where you are going and learn what clothing you really need.

Pick your comfortable shoes

A good pair of shoes will keep your feet happy, bare that in your mind I said to myself as I walked into the streets with my feet almost giving up, my mind still want to go somewhere and explore more but my feet can’t barely stand the pain anymore. I brought with me a pair of sneaker shoes and a slippers, I thought my shoes is a good fit of walking as I never encountered issues wearing this before this trip, then I was wrong good thing I had my slipper a saving grace for my feet full of blisters.

How about heels? In my case, wish I had bring one because you can’t avoid going to a party, but that will just occupy space in your bag, is it really worth it when it’s useful just for a night? Who cares if you wear sneakers in a club right? OWN IT, you could dance better in a flat shoes anyway.

Girl’s necessities

I brought just a little sun block, I had been at the beach all day and turned myself into charcoal, color is fine but the feeling of hotness and slowly burning is too painful to bare. I wish I learned about the after beach lotion too.

I also brought my own toiletries, and it only added weight for my carry on bag, next time I should use hotel’s toiletries or buy instead at 7/11, price may vary but value is just the same.

Bring enough tampons, the unlucky me I got my period in the middle of my trip and I only brought 3 pieces of tampons, what I was thinking? Well I thought I won’t need more because it’s not my date yet, but here I was the queen is bleeding. In some places its hard to find tampons if you could find one you are lucky.


Its really inevitable that you will feel sick specially by staying under the sun for a long time and went back to your fully air-conditioned room that usually leads to fever or flu, you can’t also avoid bruises, cuts and splinter, for all of these I have not bring any treatment, I don’t even have a pin to take away the splinter in my sole.

Money matters

I changed my local money to USD in advance and intend to just withdraw on any atm machine in case I need more money. I read some articles suggested to just withdraw but this does not apply all the time, specially on touristic places like Bali, they have set their withdrawal limit as low as it can be, so I ended up to have a second transaction, international withdrawal fee is bit expensive though.

Know your location and research in advance where you could get best price for foreign exchange or know traveler’s experience regarding their atm transaction.

Don’t be a follower all the time.

Don’t be the YES girl and the OKAY girl, you can speak up and stand up for what you want.

Some people does not know what is sharp and what is exact time, always have your backup plan in case you want to ditch you very late friend.

If you agreed to do something crazy and last minute you realized that crazy idea is really a bad idea, be upfront and avoid that terrible situation you are up to.

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