I am known to be impatient and impulsive, can’t even wait for freakin ten minutes, if you tell me to wait, three minutes later I’m gone walking.

I over react on tiny details and stay on sticky situations until we are settled.

That’s what I am, “take it or leave it” my justification for my bad habits, but HEY I am trying to change this, one of the reason why I kept my feet moving to different places to meet people and adjust myself to any circumstances.

My Impulsiveness.

After my solo backpacking in Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia, I decided to have time-off from travelling because I need to save for my biggest leap of fate in New Zealand, y’know there are many things to take care of and I need a big amount of money to survive there.

But when my cousin Mahja came home from Hanoi, Vietnam, she shared amazing things about her trip and I got envy, I’ve been stuck in Pagadian City (my hometown) for over 5 months, though I went to few nearby cities during those months I still felt thirsty.

So I ditched my plan and went to Hanoi with her, I didn’t care how much I would spend nor would I still have money for NZ, this was the moment I told myself “Hey live life and don’t make yourself a slave”, all I cared about then is to have fun and be in a new environment and started to think less about what’s after.

And after spending 3 weeks in VN I might come back.

My story of Impatience

Hotel Nightmares

During this trip I tell you 1 article isn’t enough to write down all the shitty things happened and how I handled my patience. I fell inlove with Hanoi because of the people and these people too tested me big time.

First night, I booked this hostel named Hanoi Marriotte Hotel, its 1am, on the street, very haggard, very tired, badly wanted to pee and pissed off looking for this hotel only to find out its not the name written on the building, I mean c’mon people is it really difficult to change the hotel name in booking.com? Or even inform us during confirmation?

It’s a cheap hotel so would not expect too much from it and decided to transfer to other hotel the next morning. Ate Carms who was with us contacted this other hotel for our next stay, everything seems perfect until we reached the hotel to know that they don’t have the room for us but instead let us stay in their sister hotel, which was fine with me, but the case was stay 1 night in that sister hotel and transfer back to this hotel for the following nights, think about the hassle? Feels like we were on a hotel hopping.

Third hotel now, looks fine, comfy pillow, hard bed but still acceptable and a crappy air conditioning. We didn’t complain, anyway we will transfer to this other hotel the next morning. About to check out and last minute noticed they still didn’t have the room for us? Really? Still contained and chilling despite all these commotion.

So we requested a room transfer, one with good air conditioning, but the lady in charge won’t let us instead change the old aircon to a new one, damn they bought new one! We were all stupid or I was the most stupid on agreeing this idea, what were we thinking? I am not sure, I think we were still sleepy and hangover, I don’t really know. But hey that lady was the idiot one for making that up anyway.

Tired of transferring and decided to be okay with it. So here came the installers in our room, brought the new aircon then everything started sinked in, are they sure they are doing all this installation? Drilling and hammering all that stuffs? For real?

Breathing in, fixing myself and start laughing, laughing on how I did not scold them and asked them where are their freaking customer service and common sense y’ll. But ate Carms freaked out because she can’t inhale the freakin dust because she is asthmatic, seconds later all of us were already in the lobby ready to go, left all the installers inside the room speechless.

If I look at this situation if I’m not with companion I would also freak out just for the idea itself or even make a scene, but this is the moment where I need to learn to restrain, like shake everything off and don’t let this annoyance ruin the trip.

Kill all the rats in the world

After 2 weeks in Hanoi, spent my remaining days in Ho Chi Minh City until my visa runs out. I couchsurfed, I had an amazing day there until moving forward and found my backpack’s side pockets with a hole and straps cut off, I am sometimes very careful with my important stuffs, like i don’t want it dirty and I always wanted it in good shape, so its really heart breaking seeing my bag with a hole in it, but hey a travel backpack won’t be a real backpack if it does’t have a good story right? My host was sorry about it, but it was not her fault, none at all.

Freakin bus left me

From Phnom Penh, Im heading to Siem Reap, departure is at 8am, had to rush to meet Gizelle and catch the sunset in Angkor Wat. Woke up early and waited for the agency to pick me up, men that guy just dropped me at the station without saying anything or even gave me instruction, so I talked to the cashier to tell me if my bus arrives, to make the story short, she didn’t I was just there sitting waiting for nothing, I blame myself too for depending on her, but her reasonings were just unacceptable, first she promised me to tell me if the bus arrives, when I questioned her where’s the bus, she said it just departed and it was full that’s why she forgot me, really? What’s this ticket I’m holding for?

Eager to go to SR, the lady offered me to take the mini bus and add $4, I mean why? It’s not entirely my fault, why don’t you just let me take a seat in that mini bus, of course that’s what they do to tourist, take not the original price should only be $9.

So I paid $14 all in all for the crappy mini bus that I could have enjoyed the luxurious travel if I went to Ibis bus, this is what happens if you tried to go cheaper and cheaper.

You know what I just learned is to understand that some people might not think the same way as I do, I’m not saying I am brilliant, I have my own stupidity but I’m saying, some people just think differently and have their own ways, I also thought about maybe I’m the one different and twisted in any way and they were the one adjusting to my personalities. Regardless let’s all look at the bright side of everything.

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